You Can’t Buy Love – But You Can Buy HANDMADE!

Support Local and Independent Makers, Designers and Artists

How it began

 In 2009 Janis Haves was searching for a colourful unique chandelier for her home.  Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided to make her own.  This proved quite a success and she was offered a launch exhibition at a small gallery in Kingston.  Lovers Lights was born. 

In 2011 Janis decided to open her own gallery - The Lovers Lights Gallery. As well as Lovers Lights chandeliers and Lamps, the gallery would also show work by the finest craft and design artists all over the UK and this it did  for four years, with quarterly exhibitions showing glass, ceramics, metal, wood  and wall art in all disciplines from it's gorgeous home on Twickenham Green,

In 2015 The Lovers Lights Gallery moved to Church Street in Twickenham with a shift to focussing on local artists, who would also help staff the shop, meaning that customers could talk to the makers about their work.  

While the gallery was much loved in it's Church Street home, retail became more difficult to sustain, in 2018 at the end of our lease we  regretfully decided to close the little gallery on Church Street, but that we would launch this online version of all the Lovers Lights Gallery has to offer.  

We all hope you love what we have to offer and will continue to enjoy buying handmade from Lovers Lights for many years to come..